BIX _ Communicative Display Skin by realities:united for the Kunsthaus Graz _ Architectural Design by Peter Cook _ 2003
Software development and Computer Vision by John Dekron, thismedia _ Additional programming by Peter Castine
Opening performance by John Dekron and Carsten Nicolai

BIX is a permanent light- and media installation for the Kunsthaus Graz in Austria which transforms the acrylic glass facade of the Kunsthaus into a low resolution computer display. It is not only one of the biggest (900m2) but from an architectural point of view one of the most integrated media facades. In cooperation with realities:united, Berlin, who are the creators of BIX, John Dekron developed specialized software tools, the BixSimulator and the the BixDirector that allow artists and designers to create, edit and manage customized media content for the BIX facade.

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