Sensor _ A project of german artist Carsten Nicolai for the light and media facade SPOTS by realties:united _ 2006
Software development, programming and Computer Vision by John Dekron, thismedia.

Sensor reflects the movement, density and frequency of an urban region. For the light and media facade SPOTS, a visualization was drawn up by Carsten Nicolai that constantly regenerates and redesigns itself based on the parameters supplied by the sensors in the facade. The sensors monitor Potsdamer Platz, the visitor traffic, and analyze the time of day, brightness, noise level, and noise level over time. They are also capable of receiving various infrared signals. These parameters determine the interaction of light gradients to generate a complex picture of light modulations that turn the facade into a mirror image of the city.

Interview with Carsten Nicolai by Don Medien in the /clip section
Photos by Bernd Hiepe