VJ TerminalAudio Reactive Live VJ System with public touchscreen interface _ 2004
Computer Vision by thismedia

VJ Terminal is targeted right at the club scene. Be a VJ for a night - who hasn’t dreamt about that? With the VJ Tool, developed by avantgarde, lieblinxNET and John Dekron of thismedia, everybody can control and design the visuals. From a pool of backgrounds, special effects and animations, the audience can mix up their own personal video clip. The new mix is added to a playlist and broadcasted during the night on monitors and screens in the club. The software makes the mixes and effects play to the rhythm of the music automatically.

John Dekron: “In order to accomodate the visuals to the sound every time the clip is replayed, we couldn’t just record a quicktime movie and play it. The computer is running two applications at a time, each one bound to it’s dedicated cpu. The actions of the user producing a new mix are recorded in kind of a track recorder and later on, when the track is to be replayed the second app produces a new mix that again responds to the sound at the moment. In cooperation with das_werk we found an appropriate video format that uses an alpha channel to blend the video sources and at the same time is useful for live video processing.