Atem _ A light installation for the Project No.8 Store, New York

Computer Vision by thismedia and Christian Riekoff

Atem is a reactive light system embedded and integrated into a previously existing light system. Rated as a realistic scenario it became a true challenge over the duration of the project. The installed light system at the store uses standard T8 fluorescent light tubes dimmed by DALI ballasts. DALI is a protocol used in many architectural standard scenarious but is nearly impractical to use light in a medial or creative manner. We finally found a way to deal with DALI.

Atem was programmed and developed for the german architect Christoph Wagner, Berlin, and his clients Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak, of the the small, particular and great clothing & accessories store Project No.8, located at 138 Division Street, New York.

The shop light is turned off after the opening hours - this is when Atem starts to live. Persons that pass by the store are tracked by infrared sensors and release in an arbritary order different programming algorythms that now start to take control over the light system. Some passerbyes may not even notice their participation in the process but surely notice the breath (Atem) of light. The released travel of light between the fluroscent tubes on the store's ceiling endures for a relatively short period of time only before being switched back off again. Unless there is no further movement of passing persons detected Atem will remain sleeping.

Please visit Project No.8 & Christoph Wagner as well.