AF1 _ Hybrid Media Engine for the Audi Forum Beijing at Oriental Plaza _ 2008Computer Vision by thismedia
Interior architectural design by Raumwerk, LED wall by Se Lightmanagment, Media content design by Tisch13

The Audi Forum Beijing is equipped with high definition plasma screen and LED display technology. It combines both worlds in a unique 18 meters long and 2 meters tall hybrid media wall. Six plasma screens are integrated into a large LED wall, both placed behind rounded dark glass integrated into the interior architectural design. All 6 screens plus the LED wall are running independantly with individual synchronized content. The System is controlled by a multitouch screen and can be easily operated from the front desk.

The Hybrid Media Wall is driven by the AF1 Hybrid Media Engine, a customized control and media playback system, developed and programmed by thismedia. The entire System is running 24/7 from a single Apple MacPro Computer. 

The photo above was taken during the system tests at the LED provider's facilities in Switzerland.
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