THISMEDIA at the MAPPING 08 VJ+AV Festival


M1 _ April 11, 10pm at the CAC _ Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva

Live Machine Performance of The Unified Video Operator - UVO

THISMEDIA's Unified Video Operator was developed by John Dekron and Michael Brux of Videokonferenz.

The UVO is a computer based system that analyzes sound and creates a real-time VJ Mix from the obtained information.


UVO consequently generates its performance according to the analyzed audio source.

UVO hosts a 12 track video sequencer under the hood. The sequences are randomly chosen. They are by purpose very simple. 

UVO analyzes the sound and categorizes its character as hard/soft, melody/beat and loud/silent.

UVO generates it's mix according to the character of the audio source.

UVO provides a widescreen mix for two screens.

UVO is a PC based standalone system. 

UVO only allows minimal interaction with the user by a single On/Off switch.

UVO simply challenges the necessity for a human VJ. 



M2 _ April 12, 6pm at the CAC _ Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva

Lecture_Technique and Technology by Markus Schneider


A _ Whats possible in front of possibilities? 

Visuals and Visualists / Playback and Performance / Timeline and Realtime

Looking and Learning / Serious and Light / Past and Presence


B _ What to do with digital cultural heritage?

From Playback to Performance / From Performance to Storage

From Storage to Contextualization / From Contextualization to Historicization