Introduction _ Generative & Reactive Realtime Design

Lines is a generative and interactive media environment. The 3D computational design centers the line as core design element. The line as connection of two points is a simple yet powerful element that (in this case) allows to create and define space and beauty at the same time. Lines has two main states, Emerge and Entwine and endless alterations, shifts and transitions between the states. Besides the shifts of state, there are shifts of color, shift of focus and shift over time. The generative nature of the design extends the architectural context with a new medial and spatial layer.

Lines will change its focus within the color range over the day. Each period of the day is connected to a colortheme with a main color and corresponding colors that generate a more vivid image. This particular shift over time is expanded over the cycle of a single day, a week, a month and finally seasonally depending over the year.

Lines incorporates a level of intelligent interactivity. Lines tracks the activity level of the installation area and adjusts itself to it. Following the idea of supporting visual and spatial experience the design will change according to the amount of sound produced by the guests.