Lines _ concept
Lines is a generative and interactive media environment. The 3d computational design centers the line as core design element. The line as connection of two points is a simple yet powerful element that (in this case) allows to create and define space and beauty at the same time. Lines has two main states, Emerge and Entwine and endless alterations, shifts and transitions between the states. Besides the shifts of state, there are shifts of color, shift of focus and shift over time.

The generative nature of the design extends the architectural context with a new medial and spatial layer. Light and color are carefully adjusted to correspond to the given light dramaturgy. The guest will experience the space in constant smooth development and interpolation during his entire stay rather then watching a monotonous video loop.

Emerge _ state 1
Emerge describes the first state of Lines.
Constantly evolving shapes are generated from the endless repetitive drawing of a line in a 3d space. A camera tracks the emerging structure and follows the organic development. The camera flows through the generated landscape and continiously changes the perspectives providing ever new views from both a more distant position (macro level) and a close up position (micro level). Every time the installation will be in the focus of a viewer it will provide a new and different image, never possible to see the same image twice.

The lines will change their focus within the color range over the day. Each period of the day is connected to a colortheme with a main color and corresponding colors that generate a more vivid image. This particular shift over time is expanded over the cycle of a single day, a week, a month and finally seasonally depending over the year.

Entwine _ state 1
Entwine describes the second state of Lines.
The drawn lines are loosening from their fixed form and create a swarm of lines that starts to flow through the virtual space. On their way the swarm entwines unvisible shapes of letters or images, thus making their silhouettes visible.

The second state is not just a simple variation its a complete transition into an opposite principle. Emerge is a growing creation of an organic like structure from a starting point with literally no ending. Entwine is a floating creation of a swarm that enables unvisible objects, words and shapes to become apparent.

Whereas Emerge develops from the inner to the outer, Entwine comes from the outer to show the layer beneath. Like in the first state, the camera follows the events though delivering a complete different character and spatial notion.

Lines incorporates a level of intelligent interactivity. Lines tracks the activity level of the installation area and adjusts itself to it. Following the idea of supporting visual and spatial experience the design will change according to the amount of sound produced by the guests.

In an empty space or a room with fewer people, guest will be able to pay more attention to visual information. Lines will draw its complete range of perspectives and shape variations and sets a smooth, enjoyable and relaxed athmosphere. You may say that the visual attraction of Lines will support the guests to feel comfortable.

In a crowded space or room with lots of people and therefore lots of communication, guests will pay less attention to visual information. Guests may be focused on acoustic communication and too much visual information could set an overload of reception. Lines is considering this phenomenom and will automatically switch to a reduced amount of visual information.

Emerge state = Volume and frequency controlled
A higher sound and noise ratio will force Lines in its EMERGE STATE to focus on MICRO VIEWS so the lines itself will become broader and by zooming into the constantly evolving organic structure.

Entwine state = Volume and frequency controlled
A broader sound and noise ratio will force Lines in its ENTWINE STATE to change the behaviour of the SWORM ELEMENTS. The Elements will react to the frequency range with FORCES OF ATRACTION and FORCES OF REPULSION. Analogous, the SWORM ELEMENTS will be more concentrated and set a lower amount of individual elements.

Technical information
Lines© is a customized interactive realtime 3d media application developed and programmed by thismedia.
It runs on a small-form factor computer equipped with an up-to-date xeon processor, a 512mb grafics card with dual vga output. The image istelf is projected via 2 connected video projectors.The built in masking and softedge functionality allows precise adjustment of the paired video projectors attached to the graphics card outputs. The system is controlled via a 10” TouchScreen Monitor with a custom designed Graphical_User_Interface. Contrary to the complexity of its programming, its set-up is clear, simple and easy to operate.