accesses the source code of a web domain through it's url and transforms the syntactic structure of the web site into a tree structure represented by an image. This image illustrates a tree with trunk, branches and ramifications. First each tree is initialized, than all html links are detected, chronologically saved and finally displayed.

The first tree corresponds to the domain; according to the syntax of the web site each further tree that builds up represents a sub page including all existing elements. The color of these trees reflects the color values of the domain and its sub pages.

Parallel to the graphic conversion, a permutation of the source code into midi data is generated analogous to the evolving trees, their branches and ramifications. Any midi compatible hard- or software can be triggered by these midi data.

The structure of any url can be visualized and transformed into sound. The aesthetic is not arbitrary or accidental, rather each url/domain determines the variation of trees in form and color.

tree is a translation program. The simulation of real space by software as a starting point and basic question characterizes the search for an algorithm (design specification) which illustrates a real tree. tree interprets each html page as a design specification; the html space determines the algorithm and generates the visual world of the translation beyond simulation.

Software programming by Christian Riekoff 2005
Made with Processing.