Consulting domains

1.    Evaluation
       Proof of Design Concepts _ Proof of Technology Concepts

2.    Design
       Design Concepts & Development _ Design Integration _ 3D Realtime Simulation & Editing Design Tools (Computer Vision)
       Content Development _ Content Programming _ Content Curating and Placement of Digital Artistic Formats

3.    Hybrid Media Systems 
       Technical Specification _ System Development _ System Integration _ Application Programming 
       System Tools and Media Content Management (Computer Vision)

4.    Quality Supervision
       Periodical Tracking of Development _ Supervision and Control of Technical Installation _ Putting into Operation


Consulting stages

1.    Planning 

2.    Specification 

3.    Realization 

4.    Program



1.    Deep understanding of artistic practice and artistic needs

2.    Conceptual thinking in design and functionality of integrative systems

3.    Incorporation of profound technologic knowledge - Modular Software Development

4.    Long-term experience with technics plus on-site construction and execution