AAmp Hybrid Media Facade _ Wilkie Edge, Singapore
by realities:united, Berlin and WOHA Architects, Singapore for CapitaLand Selegie Private Ltd (Singapore) _ 2008/9

Computer Vision and Realtime Design Application by thismedia

realities:united’s conception proposes the construction of an “Architectural Advertising Amplifier” (AAmp). A very large scaled matrix of over 540 full color LED light units supplements and surrounds a given high-end LED screen displaying commercials. Specialized artistic software by thismedia is used to automatically analyze and transform the moving images on the commercial LED billboard into an ever changing visual color-echo displayed on the surrounding low resolution AAmp screen installation in real time. In this way the low resolution media installation works as a visual amplifier augmenting the commercial content over the building’s facade and reaching a scale which is relevant to the architecture as well as to its urban context.

More information about the AAmp Project in the domus China 035 interview feature. See /press section.