Synchronization of artistic and technologic concepts is an obvious request in a 24/7 mediatized world. Securing the interplay between artistic perception and technology in media projects is our expertise - conceptwise, designwise and in terms of functionality.

We understand our work as essential support for ideas. Therefore we are focussing on the central functionalities neccessary to accomplish the requirements of a media concept or a media system. In practise we are facing the continiously emerging demand to achieve adequate solutions for the simple handling of a fast growing level of complexity.

The modular software environment we have developed over time allows us to work in a scalable, fast and efficient manner. The need for customized solutions results from the individual level of complexity and the conceptual focus of a project. This appears the same way in architectural contexts as it does in the event industry. Its not the size of a project but the requirements that determine the level of complexity.

Due to the modularity of our approach to solutions, projects remain flexible at all stages of their development. Customized application and system development must incorporate the paradigms of open interfacing, extensibility and integration ability. This implies integration of additional functionality as well as integration into larger systems such as facility managment. In addition to the analyzis and implementation of functionalities, successful development  must correspond to all aspects of technical realization, maintenance, costs and artistic content at every step of a project's development.

Accessibility and ease of use for the customer and final user have led us to our concept of contextualized graphical user interfacing (contextual GUI) to achieve the optimum manageability for each addressable context. In order to support artistic concepts we provide tools that allow to produce the appropriate content for the final media framework and set the design specifications based on the according technical conditions. To guarantee forward-looking technologic development we work in close collaboration with hardware and technology providers. Bridging these disciplines we always keep the idea in focus.

Services - Modular Media Management & Computer Vision

Mirroring the underlying concepts of modularity and scalability our services do follow the same principles.
We offer customized and sustainable media solutions from concept to execution with dedicated application development for a broad range of diverse media environments making use of our long-term experience in technology and design.

We scale and design these solutions in close relation with our clients and partners. Moreover, our services include the curating and placement of various digital design formats embedded into systems designed for flexibility, reliability, easy operation and transparency of costs. We realize ideas based on Computer Vision. We provide all neccessary computerized tools from design to media management to system control and technology interfacing.