thismedia at the School of Art&DesignSapporo City University _ ICC Intercross Creative Center _ U-Cala, Sapporo, Japan

Lecture _ Hybrid Media for Architecture and Temporary Spaces _ November 19

Workshop _ Protocols _ The Language of New Media _ November 20 to 24 

Organized by Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani from SCU  _  Workshop website up with pictures and videos.


Website updated with a new video for the audi_forum_beijing


thismedia moved!

Please note the new address of our Berlin office space.



thismedia speaking at Icograda World Design Congress, section Define on October 27th

Panel discussion on October 27th "Digital content and redefining media" with

Joachim Sauter, David Small, Yao Dajuin and Markus Schneider, moderated by Ma Gang

The Icograda World Design Congress_ Beijing, China, takes place from October 24 to 30, 2009


thismedia at the SICIW - Shanghai International Creative Industries Week, China 

Creative Germany Pavilion, 3rd floor at the 800 Show Creative Park, 800 Chang de Road, Jing An District, Shanghai

October 15-21, 2009 _ Lecture by Markus Schneider, October 16, 1pm at the Creative Germany Pavilion


Website updated with 2 more projects. LanBox_Tool #1  & Multi_Screen #2



Chinese website online _ Updated and completely revised website online

thismedia live visuals at Acupuncture Records anniversary event in Beijing, China, September 5, 2009



Interview feature with John Dekron & Markus Schneider in domus China 035 by Brendan McGetrick


Website revision with new sections Media_Consulting, Computer_Vision, Tools, Concepts & Press 

New office contact in Beijing _ thismedia now permanently present in China


Project added - ILUMATOR 3D Realtime Simulator and Editor + Computer Vision by thismedia

ILUMA Media and Light Facade by realities:united for the Urban Entertainement Center (UEC), Singapore 


thismedia at Pecha Kucha #58 Beijing

thismedia video channel on YouTube


Project added _ AAmp

Hybrid Media Facade by realities:united at Wilkie Edge/Selegie Road, Singapore

Computer Vision by thismedia.


Project added _ Atem

The reactive light installation for the Project No.8 Space in New York finally made it to our website.

Departmental Dynam ics 1 _ ;">Applications in Architecture
Lecture at the BIFT _ Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology _ New Medium Research Centre


Departmental Dynamics 2 _ Space of Light
Lecture at the gmart.com/english/index.htm">SADTI _ Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute