We founded thismedia in late 2007 as a collective platform to collaborate on our vision for structuring space with media. We enjoy working in a small group of exceptionally talented people, able to respond effectively to every new challenge. The team forming thismedia incorporates experience and expertise in media for over a decade.

John Dekron _ CTO
John Dekron is a media artist, performer and developer of customized video applications for media environments. His work and long-term media experience cover a broad spectrum: from media for architecture and video installations to custom setups and individual programming for clubs, artists and visual concepts for internationally operating companies and high-profile events. Past projects include performances in Germany, Europe and South America, programming of the BIX media facade in Graz, Austria, the SPOTS media facade in Berlin, works for musician Gonzales, the artist Carsten Nicolai plus multi-screen software development for Formula One side events in the Middle East. John Dekron is programmer and developer of the Softmix HD Video-Mixing and ES-X crossplatform VJ performance software and held courses and workshops on realtime video processing & performing a.o. at the Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, the HBG, Leipzig and the School of Art & Design, Sapporo City University.

Markus Schneider _ CEO
Markus Schneider has been working as consultant and curator for institutions, companies and projects, bridging culture and technology for over a decade. Studying fine arts at the Staedelschule in Frankfurt (with Martin Kippenberger) during the early nineties, he founded Lukas & Hoffmann Gallery in Berlin together with Nicolaus Schafhausen in 1992. Works of the represented artists, e.g. Kai Althoff, Olafur Eliasson or Carsten Höller can be found in notable museums and private collections. Various collaborative works including Audio/Video Installations (with Pietro Sanguineti), Audio/Visual Performances (e.g. with John Dekron), Media Projects (e.g. with Visomat Inc.) and Realtime Generative Processes (with Christan Riekoff as RISC) were realized for galleries, museums and festivals such as CTM/Transmediale, Berlin or SONAR, Barcelona. Commercial works such as audio reactive visual environments (with Bart Kresa) were realized for HBO (Golden Globes, Los Angeles) and Universal Studios (Osaka). Markus Schneider worked as manager for the french high-tech company JazzMutant, producer of the world's first multi-touch controller interfaces and was invited for lectures, courses and workshops a.o. at the Royal Danish Academy Copenhagen, the China Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing, the Sichuan Fine Arts Institut Design Academy Chongqing and the School of Art & Design, Sapporo City University.


Erik Levander _ MAA

Erik Levander is a TU Berlin and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen trained Architect with a Master of Arts and background in computer science. At thismedia Erik Levander is working on the conceptual development of media integration in architecture and 3D realtime application development (Computer Vision).