ES-X _ Video Live Performance Tool for Mac OS X and Windows XP
The ES-X video performance software has been in development since 1999 by John Dekron and Michael Brux of Videokonferenz.

The experiences gained from countless performances helped to evolve the software into a highly usable and flexible tool that flawlessly served in clubs, discotheques, the opera, with classical music as well as jazz. This foundation lead to high profile application areas for customers like T-Com, Cebit or the German Dance Awards display the broad spectrum that demonstrates the versatility of this tool.

ES-X is an intentionally simple yet powerful instrument for live improvisation with video material for both clips and live video input. “Live” means that it is not necessary to precompose material or setups that will be fixed throughout a show. “Improvisation” means that you may use your intuition to alter your output in whatever way you feel.

If you are interested you may purchase an authorization key. Costs are 79€ (paypal) or 99US$ when ordering from our reseller Kagi. Please contact us for further details via