Angela BullochFirmamental Night Sky: Oculus.12, 2008

LEDs, neoprene, animated program, control gear, structural elements, power suppliers, and various cables


Night Sky E.T. from Mercury:12, is a LED installation that can be hung on the wall or ceiling, thus creating a kind of industrially produced night sky atmosphere. It belongs to a new body of works by Angela Bulloch that is dealing with different kinds of visual representations of the earth, our solar system and the universe.


Made out of neoprene, aluminum and various technical devices, it consists of 12 units, measuring 66,6 x 66,6 cm, and each work in the series is based on this grid-system, but they might have more or less units, thus varying in size. Furthermore each work represents a different night sky view. An 18-channel animate the LEDs that are subtly fading in and out, and one is able to recognize different recurring formations within the otherwise

complex variations.


For more information on Angela Bulloch please contact Esther Schipper Gallery, Berlin.